April 21st — Church & State


April 21, 2018 • 9 am — 4 pm

5103 Hwy #62 S. Belleville • Lunch Provided • Freewill Offering Appreciated

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Church & State

Goodness creates order. Evil creates chaos. It is no surprise, then, that the means through which order is kept and evil is contained in society is through law: an idea first given to us by the Lord Himself.
So why do God’s order and many of today’s governmental practices seem so opposed? And how do we, as Christians, respond?
In this seminar, David J. Jones will be addressing that very issue. Discussion will range from early Biblical foundations, and the development of law as we know it, to kingdom powers and the role of judgement.
Come learn with us how we can be effective in our communities and His Kingdom.

Session Topics:


Noah Covenant Gen.9:1
Table of nations
Nimrod’s kingdom, Babel: principle of division, language, culture, race.
Abram: blessings and curses Gen.12


The Development of Law and Order

Church and State
i) Police
ii) Armed Forces

Sacramentalist churches


The Church and The Kingdom
The Church and the World


Civil disobedience
Subject to the powers
Christians in the world (holiness, engagement, stewardship etc.)\
Power of the Sword


The necessity of judgment
One Kingdom