Grace Busters: Part 9

Using Jesus

This is a massive, widespread aspect of legalism that affects many Christians. It is the problem of using Jesus.


Grace Busters: Part 8

Distinctives and Unity

Distinctives are not about diversity. They are about division and are therefore against unity.


Grace Busters: Part 7

Self Determination

We all started here so no one is exempt from this. Self determination is about making choices from the place of our fallen nature rather than from a place of connection to God.


Grace Busters: Part 6

Search for Significance

Some people seek the kinds of activities where they are recognized and gain some kind of importance. Others may find their significance by putting others down. They are not looking to Christ to show them their place and help them to be effective in the Kingdom of God.


Grace Busters: Part 5


Someone can be in Christ and still suffer from disconnection. They are not living from a place of freedom. They tend to be either passive or driven to the extent that they are not functioning well in their Christian lives.


Grace Busters: Part 4

The Bath Tub

Today David J. Jones talks about that container in which we hold our beliefs; that which defines our belief system.


Grace Busters Part 3

Altered Perspective
(Matthew 25:14-30)

There is an thought in today’s society that different ideas all have the same value. If you apply that idea to a belief system or dispute or anything else, it does not work because it avoids the issue of making right judgement.

We must make sure that our understanding and/or opinions are based upon truth rather than our own brokenness so that we do not project that brokenness into the situation, thereby forming wrong conclusions.


Grace Busters Part 2

False Tolerance

This is the third in the Grace Busters series:
This is one of the most dangerous and pervasive things in the church. Where there is false tolerance, the Grace of God is not at work.


Grace Busters Part 2

Fear, Unbelief and Religion

This is the second teaching in the Grace Busters series. This series deals with identifying obstacles and those things that prevent us from receiving God’s grace. 

Fear, unbelief and religion keep us bound, restricting and holding us back from accepting the freedom that God has for us. These are things that need to be addressed so we can move ahead and grow in our Christian life.


Grace Busters Part 1


This is the first message in a series addressing the Grace Gap: both the lack of understanding of God’s Grace as well as those things that keep us from taking hold of that which he would give us.

Legalism seeks to close the Grace Gap by adding to or turning to rules and rituals rather than fully depending on the Grace of God alone. Legalism of the heart versus legalism of the mind is also addressed in this teaching.