Past Conferences

When Times Are Hard

Everyone has tough times.
As Christians, we need to do well in spite of them and find ways to persevere, to overcome and to show others how God is working in our lives. 
During this conference, David J. Jones will speak about the reality of difficult circumstances, the consequences we endure and the refining that takes place in these times.He will also speak about what we can do to develop character and how God’s Grace can bring us through.
Join us as we seek to grow and rise above in a fallen world.

Culture Wars

David J. Jones speaks on aspects of culture that seek to erode truth in both the church and society at large. In a war that Christians seem to be losing, learn how to effectively combat these lies and share in Christ’s victory. 
Find out how our worldview impacts our understanding, how belief systems affect the direction our culture takes and what finding our true identity means to this fight.
We must engage in many battles but only through Jesus Himself can we win the war.

The Overcoming Christian

In this half-day conference David J. Jones talks about The Overcoming Christian.
He talks about what it really means to be a living sacrifice, how to stand strong in the face of darkness and what it looks like to be transformed into one of God’s own people.
Join us as we rejoice in the power of the goodness of God which is there for all to receive.

Church & State

Goodness creates order. Evil creates chaos. It is no surprise, then, that the means through which order is kept and evil is contained in society is through law: an idea first given to us by the Lord Himself.
So why do God’s order and many of today’s governmental practices seem so opposed? And how do we, as Christians, respond?
In this seminar, David J. Jones will be addressing that very issue. Discussion will range from early Biblical foundations, and the development of law as we know it, to kingdom powers and the role of judgement.
Come learn with us how we can be effective in our communities and His Kingdom.


This is arguably the most important word in the Christian language. Yet the giving and receiving of it is not always fully undertaken.
It is important for both Christians and those who do not yet know Christ to learn how forgiveness should be applied in our daily lives.
On Saturday, November 18th, David J. Jones will be helping us to understand this powerful word that ultimately leads to freedom. He will address issues as they relate to evangelism, lifestyle and the Kingdom itself. We will seek to delve deeper through a mix of teaching from the parables and a workshop session where participants will discuss topics such as repentance, sickness, and church discipline.
Join us as we explore what it really means to be forgiven!
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When The Spirit Comes

The Spirit is our guiding light. He lives in us, He connects us and He equips us to move forward in our Christian journey. That equipping is a gift and it comes in many forms. But it is these gifts from the Spirit that can sometimes be the most difficult to unwrap.
What are they? Who are they given to? Why are they given?
On April 29th, David J. Jones will be helping us understand how the Spirit works, as well as discussing spiritual and authority gifts. During this conference, the participants will also be invited to participate in a special workshop. Join us as we seek to discover more of the work of the Spirit in our lives and look forward to seeing what He will do!

Things that Go Bump in the Night

As we seek to understand the unseen our focus is always on God. But we must also be aware of the negative spiritual forces that exist. These forces have impacted the world and have also wrongly impacted the lives of many Christians. The good news is that we can be set free.
On April 2nd, David J. Jones will be helping us sort through the myths and misunderstandings pertaining to the demonic realm. We will discuss Kingdom theology, what spiritual warfare really means and learn when and how the Bible says we should respond. Join us as we gather in a place of safety and confidence in knowing that He is with us. Let no other stand against us.
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Zion in Your Heart


Where does God live? Is it in a place of bricks and mortar? Is it in a far away place in the sky? Or has He chosen to dwell within us?
On October 17, David J. Jones will be helping us to understand where and what the true Zion looks like. We will be exploring God’s purposes from its beginning through to its most beautiful and encouraging expression today. All the while we look forward to its fulfillment in the future kingdom.
Join us in learning more about where we can find the Lord.
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Theodicy: The Triumph of Good Over Evil

Good is eternal but Evil has an end. In fact, God has already conquered it and we must join Him in His Kingdom as overcomers.
But why do we still see so much evil?
What purpose does creation really serve? What is our role in the here
and now?
During this Theodicy conference David J. Jones will be answering those questions and more. From the origin of evil to God’s intent for Creation, and the history of salvation this conference will help us understand the outworking of God’s greater purposes.
Come and learn with us how we share in God’s victory.

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May Your Soul Prosper

When we are in Christ our spirits are safe. But our souls must undergo a process of renewal before they can become all that God intends. It is that growth, that regeneration to a healthy state that allows our souls to thrive.
On Saturday, November 1st, 2014, David J. Jones will be teaching on this very important part of the Christian journey. He will clarify the difference between the body, soul and spirit and teach on what it means to be a new creation, what our responsibilities are and what it is to be fully known by God. Join us as we seek prosperity together.

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I Kneel Before the Father

What are we doing when we pray? Why are we doing it? Does it make a difference? The answers to these questions and more will be discussed in a full day seminar taught by David J. Jones of Cornerstone Church on Saturday, May 10th. Come join us and learn how true prayer brings us closer to God and what purpose it serves in His Kingdom.

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Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

As truth seeking Christians our desire is to follow the will of God. But that can be a challenge if we don’t know what it is!
To help us find that out, David J. Jones of Cornerstone Church teaches a five part seminar about God’s will and how it relates to Christian life. Join us as we look to discover the true will of God and what our responsibilities are as His children.

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Topics include:
• God’s purpose in revival
• Establishing the need for revival
• Laying correct foundations for revival
• Identifying the enemies of revival
• Manifestations and signs

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Authentic Church

David J. Jones of Cornerstone Church teaches on the Church and what it is really meant to be: ethical, Spirit-filled, Grace-empowered and Kingdom-bringing. The Church Christ would have His people build is not one of bricks and mortar but one of living stones: one unified Body belonging to Him and reflecting His light in this world. All are welcome to come and share in this essential teaching.

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Grace That Works

David J. Jones of Cornerstone Church and Safe Harbour Ministries teaches on Grace—an often misunderstood and sadly, sometimes missing element in Christian lives.
The full day seminar is intended to help those seeking Christ so that we may all experience His empowering presence.

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