Ways To Give

Thank you for considering a donation to Cornerstone Church!

We depend on regular weekly offerings from church members as well as occasional donations from those attending events or listening to the message online. Help us continue to provide access to church services, online teachings, free conferences and other ministry in our community.

For those looking to support the church we have set out some options below on how to give.

Giving Online:

1) Single Donations Via E-transfer.
You can log directly into your bank account and send an e-transfer to Cornerstone Church.
It should be sent to donations@corner-stone.ca.
This will be collected directly to our bank account and you will receive a confirmation email from your bank. You will also receive your regular yearly tax receipt from Cornerstone Church for any gifts made during the year using this (or any other) online process.

Note: If you have any questions regarding the process of sending an e-transfer, or setting up a regularly scheduled direct payment for your weekly or monthly offerings please contact your bank and let us know if you need any further information.

2) Single Donations Via Website 
You may make a one-time donation using the link provided below.
(You do not need a PayPal account to do this. You may use any regular credit or debit card.)

3) Recurring Monthly Donation Through PayPal
You may schedule monthly offerings to come out of your PayPal account by using the link below.

4) Recurring Monthly Donation Through Standing Order with Your Bank
You may make a one-time donation using the link provided below.

NOTE: We are working to be able to accept donations by regularly occurring direct deposit. More details on that when it becomes available.

Giving Offline:

1) Snail Mail a cheque (made out to Cornerstone Church) to the following address:  Send to Henk or jacquie what if mail interrupted??

Cornerstone Church
5103 Hwy #62 South
Belleville, ON K8N 0L5

Giving In Person:

1) In the collections plate during Sunday Service
2) In the donations box located at the back of the church on the table by the entrance
3) In the donations box located in the Zone on the counter in front of the kitchen

NOTE: All donors will receive a receipt from Cornerstone Church at the end of the year if your donation (or the total of your overall donations) amounts to more than $10 for the year.