As an independent local church we take the issue of accountability seriously. From time to time we are asked to whom are we accountable? As we seek to follow the Biblical model of local church, we made a decision not to be part of the denominational model. We see denominations as being man-made impositions upon the Body of Christ, resulting in division. The Church is not an organization, therefore,  we appeal to Scripture which calls for a plural eldership in which each elder is appointed according to the character qualifications as outlined in Timothy and Titus. The church is lead by men of integrity, operating in an open manner including open financial accounting. We take seriously Paul’s injunction of mutual submission in the body and seek the consensus of all who freely associate with the church, whenever decisions affect the whole body.

Born in the UK in 1951, David J. Jones completed his theological training (BA Honours) at Spurgeon’s College, London and Nazarene Theological College, Manchester University.
He served in pastoral and teaching ministry with the church in England from 1985 to 1999. From 1999 to 2008, he began to establish SafeHarbour Ministries in Ontario, Canada with a focus on equipping the body of Christ for service. During this period, he developed a unique equipping program to help people examine the impact of worldview and belief systems in the process of discovering more clearly their identity in Christ and their specific grace gifting. He now serves as leader and teacher at Cornerstone Church, Belleville, Ontario, Canada providing integrated leadership and teaching.

David J. Jones (Lead and Teaching)
John Ter Haar (Governing)
Bryon Keene (Governing)
Henk Deboef (Pastoral)
Chris Putman

The Now-But-Not-Yet Kingdom
Mammon (the place of money)
The Law vs. The New Testament
The Place of Spiritual Gifts
Authority in the Church
The Sword in Your Hand (principles of Biblical exposition)
Biblical Foundations
Where There’s a Will There’s a Way (Does God have a specific plan and purpose?)
How to Pray (Is it really a weapon? What about spiritual warfare?)