October 17 Conference


October 17, 2015 • 9 am — 4 pm

5103 Hwy #62 S. Belleville • Lunch Provided • Refreshments Provided

Where does God live? Is it in a place of bricks and mortar? Is it in a far away place in the sky? Or has He chosen to dwell within us?

On October 17, David J. Jones will be helping us to understand where and what the true Zion looks like. We will be exploring God’s purposes from its beginning through to its most beautiful and encouraging expression today. All the while we look forward to its fulfillment in the future kingdom.
Join us in learning more about where we can find the Lord.

An outline of this conference and more information on the day will be posted soon so please check back!

For more information or to pre-register call 613.393.1254 or email info@corner-stone.ca.