Principles of Practice

We are a truth seeking body of people and it is our desire to create a safe and harmonious environment based upon Biblical principles and practice. We value each individual regardless of age, sex or status and our intent is to enable each one to find their place among us.

We recognize the principles of God’s order as laid out in the Bible and, in that context, acknowledge authority based leadership as being given to qualified men. This does not imply that all men have authority over all women.
We recognize the Word Based Authority gifts, which are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers (Eph.4:11). (See Note)
1. Elders
The directors of Cornerstone Church shall be comprised of elders and, under their discretion, the governing deacon.
Elders shall be men who qualify under the provisions of 1 Tim.3:1-7. Their task is to oversee the local church by making decisions for the church and giving pastoral leadership to those in fellowship with Cornerstone.
New elders will be appointed by the eldership but having regard to the consensus of those in fellowship.
As elders make decisions for the church, they will seek to communicate effectively with those in fellowship and, where appropriate, invite them into a consensus for action.
2. Deacons
The role of a deacon is to either oversee or perform practical tasks relating to Cornerstone. They will be accountable to the governing deacon, who in turn will report back to the elders. The appointment of deacons by the elders will be according to the provisions of 1 Tim.3:8-13 and the elders will seek the consensus of those in fellowship. Any person of good standing in the fellowship may put forward someone’s name for consideration as a deacon.
A deacon will serve for a predetermined period of time, after which opportunity will be given to serve a further period, as appropriate.
An annual review is to be made available for all deacons in order that their best potential can be achieved.

Cornerstone Church operates an open accounting policy, with appropriate auditing practices. The elders will direct the financial affairs of the church but may delegate the task of bookkeeping. In order to facilitate good accounting practices, there is to be a finance committee which will consist of one elder, the governing deacon, the bookkeeper and a further person in fellowship. One of the tasks of the finance committee is to present an annual budget for approval by the elders, who will in turn present it to those in fellowship for input and consensus.
Although we operate an open accounting policy, any benevolent gifts made will be treated in confidence.
Cornerstone is completely funded by freewill giving. It is not the practice of the church to instruct people on how much to give. All contributions will be treated in the strictest confidence.
We operate a debt free policy.

We believe that it is a privilege to be in fellowship with Cornerstone Church. All those in fellowship are entitled to receive good leadership given with integrity. This includes a commitment to teach the full scope of Biblical truth, accurately and without compromise. The elders will seek every opportunity to provide for the pastoral needs of those in fellowship and help each one to discover their part in the body.


Note: We are not and do not wish to be associated with the New Apostolic and Prophetic Movement and completely reject their eschatological agenda.